Gaza and Israel’s Kidnapper’s Dilemma: Keeping a Million Children Brutalized in its Dark Basement

by Juan Cole, published by Informed Comment (Ann Arbor) on May 15, 2021

“The Israelis face a form of the kidnapper’s dilemma. They have to keep the Palestinian children of Gaza tied up in a dark basement forever, since they cannot afford to face the consequences of releasing them and in this version of the dilemma they don’t have the option of just killing or ethnically cleansing them all.

It is a prison for the Israeli soul of corrosive, corrupting power, and has assisted the rise to power of the far right in the Jewish state, so that grandchildren of Holocaust survivors are palling around with anti-Semitic white nationalists in Europe. Only by demonizing Palestinians and only by assertions of racial superiority can they justify keeping the million children hostage in their dark basement.”

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