Peace Calendar

Want to participate in a local group meeting or special community event? Check out what is happening around town!

This is a “Wiki Calendar” where individuals and organizations post their own notices of events.  Are you part of a local peace organization? Share your meeting dates!

(Most events will be Zoom meetings or online events, due to the pandemic.)


Hints for viewing events:

  • To see special events, make sure the pink “Special Events Calendar” bar is highlighted on the left.
  • To see recurring monthly meetings, make sure the orange “Regular Meetings” bar is highlighted on the left. 
  • To see event details, hover the cursor over an event (or click on it).
  • Any events you have recently submitted will appear blue on the calendar until they have been approved by our administrators.

To post an event on the calendar, click on the calendar link above and

  • Click on the date. 
  • Add date, time, and repeat information if event is recurring.
  • Make sure calendar selection is blue and reads “Your Event Submission”.
  • Where it says “Who” please write your name or organization. 
  • In the description, you can include links to an event page or website and include contact info for the organizer. Feel free to add notes for the calendar administrator that will not be published. (If you are posting an in-person event, be sure to say that masks and social distancing will be required.)
  • When finished, click the SAVE button. Your event will be sent to the calendar administrator and will appear on the calendar shortly.
  • To make changes to your event after it has been submitted, or to cancel your event, email