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Why main line news organizations do not address the reasons behind extreme weather

By Jim Johnson The average U.S. temperature for March was 46.1 ˚ F, 4.6˚ F above average, ranking 10th warmest in the 126-year record. The U.S. precipitation average for March was 2.83”, some 0.32” above average, ranking among the wettest one-third of the historical record. Alaska endured the coldest January through March since 2012. Southerly … Continue reading Why main line news organizations do not address the reasons behind extreme weather


By Ira Grupper I have, over five decades, been a labor union shop steward, delegate to Greater Louisville Central Labor Council, and columnist.  Now, as I sit at home, with compromised health, I look at the situation of poor and working class folk in the U.S. and elsewhere, and find words difficult to put to … Continue reading LABOR PAEANS—June 2020

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