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FORsooth is the acclaimed Louisville Fellowship of Reconciliation’s (FOR) monthly newspaper.  Starting over twenty years ago as a simple schedule of local events and activities, the paper has grown to its present 8 page format.  It still features a schedule of events, activities and local contacts for Louisville’s peace, justice and solidarity communities.  In its pages you will find articles written by mostly local writers on issues of peace, racial justice, immigrants, GLBTQ rights, the environment, women, labor, politics and much more.





Third Thursday Lunches

Spring 2017 Program


 Next Third Thursday:

April 20.  Joetta Venneman, People Against Trafficking Humans (PATH) Coalition of Kentucky  Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. With 21 million victims worldwide, it is a $32 billion/year industry. Sr. Joetta Venneman works with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s Office of Social & Environmental Justice. She will discuss PATH’s efforts to raise community awareness, support survivors, and combat the trafficking that goes on every day in Kentucky, especially at Derby time and other sporting events. Learn how you can take action to reduce the number of women, children and men who are trapped by traffickers into forced labor and sexual exploitation.

Previous lunches:

carol_k_carlaJanuary 19 Attica Scott, “Interfaith Leaders Building a Culture of Health” On Nov 8, Attica Scott became the first African-American woman in almost 20 years to be elected to the Kentucky state legislature. She currently serves as a Community Coach with County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, a research and advocacy organization working to build a national Culture of Health enabling all in our diverse society to lead healthy lives. Attica will discuss how creating a community based on respect and interfaith understanding can lead to a healthier society and how Louisville can help create this healthy interfaith culture.
February 16 Ron Russell, Immigration Attorney & Immigrant Community Activist Immigration will be on the front burner for the new Congress in 2017. We will either reform our 1996 immigration law, the most reactionary of any major Western democracy, or we will move to an even more unwelcoming and mean-spirited immigration regime. Either way, the actions we take will likely define our nation for generations to come. Ron Russell, an immigration attorney and activist for the past 27 years, will discuss the essential elements of progressive immigration reform and how we in Louisville can participate in a mass movement to make it a reality or, depending on the outcome in Washington, how we can assist immigrants fighting for the survival of their families and communities.
March 16 Libby Mills, Executive Director, Restorative Justice Louisville Restorative Justice Louisville (RJL) works with the criminal justice system to implement community-based restorative practices, responding to crime while building neighborhood connections. Where the traditional criminal justice system asks what laws have been broken and what punishment is deserved, restorative justice asks what harm has been done, who is responsible for repairing that harm, and how can that harm be repaired. RJL Director Libby Mills will provide an overview of restorative justice and what is being done here, including local examples of young offenders participating in face-to-face meetings with victims, community members and the offender’s family/support group.


Hotel Louisville • 120 West Broadway (Corner of First & Broadway)
– Free Off-Street Parking –
Buffet Lunch at 11:30 • Presentation at Noon • $7.00 at the Door
Reservations required by MONDAY before the lunch
RSVP to Cathy Ford at 502/458-1223 or


Videos of previous Third Thursday Lunches are here.