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APRIL Third Thursday Lunch

THIRD THURSDAY LUNCH SERIESpresented by Fellowship of Reconciliation and Sowers of Justice NetworkApril 21, 2022: Noon—1 PM SPEAKER CHANGE: Anatol Levin was unable to participate Dr. Andrew J. Bacevich Answering questions about Ukraine and Russia You are invited to join the discussion VIRTUALLY via Zoom, but the event will also be live-streamed (see below). Register in … Continue reading APRIL Third Thursday Lunch

Socialism and Incentive

by Ike Thacker There was a joke in the old Soviet Union: “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.” However widespread (or not) the sentiment suggested by this humor was, the attempt at levity does get at a central question regarding socialism, namely, how do you keep people motivated to work, give … Continue reading Socialism and Incentive