FORward Radio


What Is FORward Radio?

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FORward Radio began broadcasting to Louisville, Kentucky at 106.5fm on April 7, 2017 and has since added a livestream so you can listen online from anywhere at We also podcast most of our local programming so you can listen back to our archives and share programs with others whenever you want via iTunes, GooglePlay, Castbox, or SoundCloud.

11249911_937478099668404_2235727801672808886_nFORward Radio is a grassroots, volunteer-run, listener-supported community radio station which empowers new voices to create vital programming heard nowhere else! This is radio for the people, by the people. We have reclaimed control of the public’s airwaves to broadcast the ideas, communities, news, and culture that have been left out of the corporate, mainstream media. An independent media is the cornerstone of a truly free and just society. Community-controlled Low Power FM (LPFM) radio stations like ours are a platform to ensure that the diversity of local voices are heard and the public interest is served.

Unfortunately, because of the structure of our country’s media and federal regulations, community-based media has been restricted in recent years. With the granting of an LPFM broadcast license to FORward Radio, we now have a vital opportunity to strengthen the voice of our community.  By participating, supporting, and listening to this station, we hope you will join us in helping community sourced and community relevant media flourish here in Louisville.

Our Mission

WFMP 106.5FM Louisville Forward RadioFORward Radio is a community-based, low power FM radio start-up and media project operating as an educational arm of the Louisville chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) in pursuit of peace and social justice.  Through training and collaboration, FORward Radio seeks to create a network of community partners to aid in building a more diverse and relevant model of media. Our goal is to ensure that the diverse local voices long ignored by the mainstream media can now be heard and that the public interest is served through media.

Contribute and volunteer

While our mission is to “free” the airwaves, doing so definitely is not free. Even at an all-volunteer station, there are a whole host of costs that are required to sustain our dream of true community media in our city. These include everything from rent and utilities, to licensing fees, web-hosting and streaming costs, and equipment. No matter what your income, talent, ability, or availability, we need your help and the support of our entire community to stay on-air. FORward Radio asks you to contribute whatever you can, be it financial contributions, or volunteer time and talent. Donate here.