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RadioWhat Is FORward Radio?

Our airwaves, our radio. An independent media is the cornerstone of a truly free and just society. Independent, community-based Low Power FM (LPFM) radio stations are a platform to ensure that the diversity of local voices are heard and the public interest is served.

However, because of the structure of our country’s media and federal regulations, community based media has been restricted in recent years. That structure is changing, and right now is a vital chance to strengthen the voice of our community.  We have recently been issued a construction permit from the FCC to create a new LPFM station here in Louisville. By creating this station, we hope to lay the groundwork and advocate for community sourced and community relevant media here in Louisville.

Our Mission

FORward Radio is a community-based, low power FM radio start-up and media project operating as an educational arm of the Louisville chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) in pursuit of peace and social justice.  Through training and collaboration, FORward Radio seeks to create a network of community partners to aid in building a more diverse and relevant model of media. This will ensure that our diverse local voices that are ignored by the mainstream media are heard and that the public interest is served through media.

Contribute and volunteer

While our mission is to “free” the airwaves, doing so is definitely not free. There are a whole host of start-up costs that will be required to realize our dream of true community media in our city, including engineering costs, antennas, transmitters, mixing consoles, microphones, headphones, cables and recorders to purchase.  To achieve our goal, we need your help and the support of our entire community. FORward Radio asks you to contribute whatever you can.  Funding, time, energy, ideas, we need it all.

Send your checks to:

Forward Radio
2917 Beaumont Rd
Louisville, KY 40205

Contact Us

contactIf you would like to send a message to the Louisville Chapter, or have an item of interest to our community. If you have an item for our calendar or information about a group meeting time or contact information complete the following form.

Third Thursday Lunch

FOR’s Third Thursday Lunch series, now in its 21st year, offers local, national and international speakers on current peace and justice issues.  For many years, Interfaith Paths to Peace has co-sponsored the series.  The lunches provide a time for like-minded individuals to share a meal and become more knowledgeable about important issues of the day.

The lunches are held on the third Thursday of the month, September thru April (excluding December), at the Rudyard Kipling restaurant at 422 West Oak Street in Old Louisville.  Map

The buffet lunch costs $7 and begins at 11:30 a.m.  The presentation begins at noon and ends about 1:00 p.m.  A reservation is required. (Should there not be information here to do this directly)For more information, see FORsooth or this website for announcements of upcoming lunches.

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National Leadership Council of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death in the US.  Gage H. Donohue, member of the National Leadership Council of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and member of its Louisville Metro Chapter Board of Directors, talks about the malady nobody talks about.

For more information on suicide and to find a local chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, please visit:

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